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Not fixing the small cracks and chips in your windshield might lead to more damage. Let our technicians in the Greater Albuquerque Area assess the damage and fix it for you!

Windshield Repair Near Me

Car owners face a range of maintenance issues. A major issue occurs if your car's windshield develops a crack or becomes damaged. If the car's windshield breaks because of several reasons, you must never neglect fixing it. If you're driving and own a car, it's good to be aware that the windshield is placed in the car for your safety. The windshield is essentially a safety apparatus

Mobile Windshield Rock Chip Repair Albuquerque

Windshield repair (Also known as Rock Chip Repair) is a modern process that utilizes resin technology to repair, rather than replace a chipped windshield. Repairing a chipped windshield saves money by preventing the need for costly replacement and extending the life of your existing windshield. Road debris often strikes a windshield causing damage. This damage can range from small chips to large shattered areas. Most of the smaller rock chips can be repaired without removing or replacing the windshield thus stopping the windshield from cracking further. The main objective of repairing a rock chip is to extend the life of the existing windshield.

What Kind of Damage Can Be Repaired?

Look at the picture above to see what classifies as a rock chip. The size should be smaller than a quarter (25 cent piece).

Best results are obtained if the repair is done before the damaged area is contaminated. The longer it sits there, the more air/water/debris can penetrate the impact point.

If the damaged area is contaminated, the rock chip can still be repaired, but the overall appearance of the repair may be affected.

How Will the Windshield Look After it’s Repaired?

After a rock chip repair is completed, the appearance of the broken area improves, but it does not always disappear from sight. There is always slight damage where the rock chip was filled. When looking through the glass, vision should not be impaired. If vision is impaired, the windshield should be replaced. The whole gain from this is to adhere your cracked windshield back together and bring back the integrity to the windshield. The main objective of repairing a rock chip is to extend the life of the windshield. Repairing a rock chip is about 95% effective in preventing a chip from turning into a major crack that would require a windshield replacement.

What Does My Insurance Cover?

Windshield repair is covered by the comprehensive portion of an insurance policy. Most major insurance companies typically encourage repair. Most insurance companies will waive any deductible requirements if a windshield is repaired rather than replaced. Please contact your insurance agent to confirm you are eligible. We can assist you with filing the claim and submitting the insurance paperwork, helping to reduce the hassle!

How Our Technicians Repair Windshields in Albuquerque

If the chip or the crack in your windshield is repairable, our technicians will get started with the repairing process. At Chapman Auto Glass Repair, we employ innovative procedure and top quality materials to repair a broken windshield. Usually, it takes anywhere between 15-30 minutes to repair glass damage.

Step 1

Cleaning The Windshield

At first, the technician applies a spray to clean the window. When a windshield or auto glass cracks, it is bound to have at least some loose glass pieces and shards of fine particles of glass. All this debris needs to be fully removed before the actual repair task can begin.

Step 1

Step 2

Repair Work

Once the window glass is squeaky clean, it becomes easy for the glass technician to carry out the repair work with utmost precision. In some cases, there may arise the need to access the air bubble. For this, the technician will need to use a small drill bit. Again, the tool needs to be used with extreme care or it can damage the internal vinyl layer of the windshield.

Step 2

Step 3

Polymer Resin

The next step is to inject a polymer resin into the chip or the crack. After the resin has been dropped in, the technician will make sure that no amount of air is trapped inside the chipped or cracked auto glass.

It is advisable for vehicle owners to remain patient as the technician completes one step after another. A few steps will require additional time compared to the rest. After filling up with resin, the chip or crack will be treated with a pit-filler by the professional to address any remaining small indentation.

Make certain that no air bubbles get trapped inside the crack as it could destroy your entire repair job. Finally, the professional will remove the extra resin from the auto glass surface with the help of a razor blade and polish the repaired area to restore the aesthetics of the glass.

Step 3

Happy Customers

What does that mean to you the customer?
Simple – it means less down time for you and your vehicle. It means your damaged auto glass is being replaced using a quality replacement. If it is a vent glass, quarter glass or back glass it will be installed with Dow Adhesives. The same brand and quality of urethanes and primers used by 80% of the original vehicle manufacturers in the world.

Because we strictly adhere to all time and temperature requirements of the manufacture, in shop service may be required during times of inclement weather such as rain, snow or temps below the recommended levels. Ignoring these factors will greatly increase your chances of problems including failure of your windshield’s retention.

Ultimately, it’s your car and you have the right to select any windshield replacement facility you choose. So call the best, Chapman Mobile Auto Glass at 505-228-5869. You will be glad you did.

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