Worry Over Windshields

Your vehicle’s windshield plays a very important role in keeping you safe when you’re behind the wheel. In the event of an accident, windshields can prevent occupant ejection, prevent roof collapse in the event of a rollover, and can be a critical component in airbag deployment. Windshields that are improperly installed can compromise your safety, and the safety of everyone in your vehicle. When you need windshield replacement or repair, it is important that your windshield is installed by qualified technicians who use the best quality glass and adhesive system.

The experts at Chapman Auto Glass will have an experienced professional technician assess your vehicle’s needs, help you select the proper glass for your vehicle, and will install your glass with a top quality adhesive system, and professional workmanship. Chapman Auto Glass technicians will take the time and care necessary to do the job properly. Your safety is top priority!

There are four important safety functions performed by the windshield that every vehicle owner should be aware of:

  1. Provides clear visibility of the road. Windshields can become pitted and scratched from small dirt and sand particles as well as fractures/cracks caused by pebbles and stones. If left unattended, this pitting can affect vision.
  2. Support passenger-side airbag during deployment. It is possible for an improperly replaced windshield to become detached from the vehicle in an accident. In the event the windshield becomes detached, the airbag will not deploy properly.
  3. Cushions blow and keeps vehicle occupants contained in a crash. Windshield glass may break in the event of an accident, but the polyvinyl layer is flexible and cushions impact if an occupant is thrown forward. More importantly, it also keeps passengers within the vehicle prevention ejection and reducing the risk of injury or worse in the event of being ejected from a vehicle.
  4. Increase structural integrity of the vehicle. Over time, the design and manufacturing of vehicles has changed dramatically. In the past, the steel structure of the vehicle design provided the structural integrity required in the case of an accident or a rollover. Due to the use of lighter materials and newer streamlined vehicle designs, the windshield now provides much of the support that prevents the roof collapse during vehicle roll-overs.

Certified Safe

You can be assured when you trust the technicians at Chapman Auto Glass that your glass replacement is Certified Safe.

Our aim is to set a high standard of quality workmanship in the replacement of auto glass to restore your vehicle to OEM specifications for structural integrity and appearance. Our Auto Glass Technicians undergo continuing education through our technical trainers/advisers to keep them informed of new advances in the auto glass replacement industry as well as advances in auto design.

Chapman Auto Glass is concerned about the safety of automobile passengers and will not perform a glass replacement that will compromise any OEM safety standards.

A visual and comprehensive inspection of your vehicle will be performed prior to and during any auto glass replacement to determine if there is any vehicle conditions that will comprise structural integrity of the vehicle. Any condition identified will be discussed with you, and if you decline to have the unsafe condition repaired,Chapman Auto Glass may refuse to continue with the replacement until such condition is corrected.

Same Materials

With Chapman Auto Glass, you can be guaranteed that no matter which location you visit, your windshield will be replaced using the same high quality Dow Automotive products which meet all applicable OEM standards.

At Chapman Auto Glass we use urethane adhesives that meet OEM standards. All of our installers utilize glass preparation products to chemically prepare the glass bonding surface and eliminate bond degradation on your vehicle. Body primer is also applied to the painted surface of your vehicle to promote adhesion of the replacement glass to the body. This insures that the structural integrity of your vehicle is maintained.

There are many products available to auto glass replacement shops with varying specifications and results. Chapman Auto Glass specifically uses Dow BETASEAL Express and BETASEAL One. These products are advanced-cure urethane adhesive with enhanced chemical cross linking to speed bonding for safe drive-away times of 1 hour in temperatures up to -17C.



Our Auto Glass Service Is Insurance Approved

Chapman Mobile Auto Glass Repair and Replacement is an approved and preferred provider for most of the major auto insurance providers. We can bill your insurance provider directly, so you get your auto glass repair or replacement taken care of with no money out of pocket above your deductible (if applicable). If you carry liability coverage only and therefore do not have glass coverage, our services are affordably priced and we accept Cash, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. We no longer accept checks and apologize for any inconvenience.

Happy Customers

What does that mean to you the customer?
Simple – it means less down time for you and your vehicle. It means your damaged auto glass is being replaced using a quality replacement. If it is a vent glass, quarter glass or back glass it will be installed with Dow Adhesives. The same brand and quality of urethanes and primers used by 80% of the original vehicle manufacturers in the world.

Because we strictly adhere to all time and temperature requirements of the manufacture, in shop service may be required during times of inclement weather such as rain, snow or temps below the recommended levels. Ignoring these factors will greatly increase your chances of problems including failure of your windshield’s retention.

Ultimately, it’s your car and you have the right to select any windshield replacement facility you choose. So call the best, Chapman Mobile Auto Glass at 505-228-5869. You will be glad you did.

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