Windshield Replacement & Repair Insurance Claims

Chapman Mobile Auto Glass is an approved and preferred insurance provider and has pricing agreements in place with ALL major insurance providers. This allows direct and rapid processing of your insurance claims. We can assist you in making your claim and directly bill your insurance company, less your deductible if any. You will need to provide your policy number and the date and cause of the damage. We can assist you with the reporting of your loss at the time of your repair or replacement.

Auto Glass & Albuquerque Windshield Replacement or Repair Steering

It is the legal right of consumers in New Mexico to select the auto glass shop of their choice. If customers call an insurance company to arrange for a new windshield, they should not be steered by the insurance company’s third party administrator to one of their own shops. In many cases this third party administrator is a large national auto glass company that represents itself as the insurance company when the customer calls the 800 claims number.


How does steering happen?

Insurance companies often have a special name and phone number for their auto glass claims program.

But, seldom do they mention that the claim is actually being handled by a third party administrator or Auto Glass Network.

Most of the networks are telephone call centers owned and operated by national retail auto glass replacement companies.

When you call the 800 number for your claims program, the glass network’s computer brings up a screen with the name of the glass claims program for your specific insurance company. They know before they answer the call which insurance company covers the caller.

When they answer the phone, they identify themselves with the name of the insurance company of the claims program, even though the person answering the phone is an employee of the glass company’s network.

The network employee determines who they want to do the job. If your claim has good profit potential, they will try to steer the job to one of their company stores. If it is a smaller claim with lower profit potential, they will send the job to one of the low price glass shops in your area.

The practice of steering is so widespread that there are presently lawsuits throughout the country seeking to bar this kind of dishonest coercion. If these networks use tricks to steer you to one their shops, what makes you think the tricks stop there?


The auto glass network may tell you…

…the glass shop you requested is not on their list
If not, we are only a phone call away!

…that if you don’t use a shop on their list there may be no warranty.
Chapman Auto Glass provides a Lifetime Warranty.

…that you may have to pay money out-of-pocket if you don’t use their preferred shop.
Never true with Chapman Auto Glass!

If you are subjected to this steering process, JUST SAY NO!

What they are doing is deceitful and illegal.

When a network contacts Chapman Mobile Auto Glass to work out a deal when one of our pricing agreements doesn’t apply, the only question they ask is Will you do the job for $…, offering an extremely low price.

They never ask:

  • if we use OEM glass
  • if we use OEM adhesives
  • about the training, experience, and certification of our technicians
  • about our warranty



PROTECT YOURSELF. Contact Chapman Mobile Auto Glass, servicing Albuquerque & Rio Rancho Metropolitan areas first, because who you call is who you will get! You deserve quality and safety first from your insurance company and not the lowest price provider.